Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone, this is my new blog! Expect irregular posts about topics I’m interested in, like tech and privacy. There will also be frequent updates about the website and other projects of mine!


I’ve always wanted to make a website ever since I tried to make a dashboard for my discord bots. However, I haven’t been too successfull, as making websites without any frameworks was a pain for me.

But then I recently found Linerly’s blog which inspired me to get into web development again! At the same time, Fireship launched a new video about the Astro framework, which I immediately fell in love with.

Luckily, Astro already provides tools that make it easy to start creating content with markdown fast. Using their official blog template, I was able to create the bare bones of the website in a day!

More to come

I already have some plans for improving the website and the blog, which will appear in small updates while I’m adding more content. So don’t forget to subscibe to the RSS feed to get notified about new blog posts - Stay tuned!